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The Coronado Cays

Discover the Exclusive Marina Lifestyle at the Coronado Cays

Nestled amidst the serene waters of San Diego Bay, Coronado Cays epitomizes luxury marina living. This unique community unfolds a lifestyle where every home tells a tale of timeless elegance coupled with contemporary comfort. With private boat slips for homeowners, access to the tranquil waters is just a step away. Embark on a nautical adventure from your backyard, or soak up the sun at the nearby Silver Strand Beach—Coronado Cays is a haven for those with an affinity for the aquatic.

Indulge in a life less ordinary as you explore the distinct neighborhoods within Coronado Cays, each narrating its own tale of luxury and leisure.

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Neighborhoods at the Cays

  • Montego Village
  • Antigua Villas
  • Jamaica Village
  • Port Royale Village
  • Bahama Village
  • Kingston Village
  • Blue Anchor Cay
  • Green Turtle Cay
  • Mardi Gras Village
  • Trinidad Village

Dining at the Cays

Coronado Cays Yacht Club

The Coronado Cays Yacht Club is a welcoming community hub where residents come together to enjoy the marina lifestyle. Known for its well-maintained marina facilities, the club provides a safe haven for boating enthusiasts to dock their vessels and venture into the inviting waters of San Diego Bay. The on-site dining venue offers a range of enjoyable meals in a relaxed setting, perfect for a casual get-together after a day on the water. With its friendly ambiance and scenic water views, the Coronado Cays Yacht Club is a cherished part of the local community, embodying the laid-back yet fun lifestyle that the Coronado Cays has to offer.

Calypso Cafe

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty meal or a quick snack, Calypso Cafe has got you covered. Located in the heart of the Cays, their diverse menu offers a range of delightful food options to cater to your cravings. Take a seat, relax, and savor the flavors at Calypso Cafe – your cozy food haven in the Cays.

The Future of the Cays

Currently, the City of Coronado is refining the Cays Park Master Plan, with Schmidt Design Group leading the project. Initiatives in 2023 include public workshops and a community survey to gather insights on draft park designs. This collaborative effort seeks to align the park’s amenities with residents’ desires, ensuring the Park continues to be a cherished asset for both current and prospective members of the Coronado community. Stay engaged with the planning process to voice your ideas and help shape the future of Cays Park.

Read more about it on the Coronado Times:

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