How were the Coronado Shores Towers named?

Naming the Coronado Shores Buildings

Naming The Coronado Shores Buildings:

How were the Towers named?

When the first Coronado Shores Tower went on sale in 1970, it was referred to as building Number One. There wasn’t a problem until the second building went on sale. Cabrillo, Building Number One, is on Lot Three and described as Type IIA. The second tower is on Lot Two and referred to as Type 1A. It got confusing as an Abbott and Costello routine. The homeowners in Building One selected the name Cabrillo Tower. The remainder of the towers were named by the public relations director, Al Ardmore. I have often wondered why El Camino (the road) is on the beach and La Playa (the beach) is on the road. I suspect a dab too much Tillamore Dew (an Irish Whiskey).

This excerpt was taken from the Commemorative 25 Year Anniversary Edition of the View From the Shores written by Richard D. Maitland (Coronado Shores Company)

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